Based On Our Own Experiences and Connections

Davatravel Is An International Voluntourism Platform

We serve the intersection between tourism and volunteering, effectively combining them together to create unique and meaningful travel experiences.

If you are passionate about both these pursuits, we can help you craft a trip that balances adventure and social activism. Simply choose a destination and a cause that is close to your heart and we will arrange everything, from finding accommodations to connecting you with relevant charities.

Next travel experience doesn’t have to end with your flight home. We’ll create a trip that will truly connect you to a new place, culture, and people - and that is an experience you will carry with you for years to come.

Our Mission and Vision

DavaTravel seeks to build deeper connections between cultures, foster unity across borders, and tear down intolerance and discrimination wherever possible, through comprehensive travel packages that incorporate volunteer opportunities and community integration.

Experience the New Adventure With Our Team

We have traveled the world, forging life-changing connections with local communities across the globe, and decided to enable as many people as possible to follow that path. Building on our own experiences and connections, we built a team that will ensure every detail of your voluntourism experience is accounted for. We will organize logistics, build an itinerary, lead local tours, and ultimately ensure you have the experience of a lifetime.

What We Do

DavaTravel coordinates, organizes, and manages both the touring and volunteering activities of your trip, helping plan and create a detailed itinerary that is ready for your enjoyment.

Logistics throughout your journey
Integrating with local cultures
Pairing travellers

We Handle All of the Logistics Throughout the Journey

That includes matching you with your volunteer organizations, coordinating local transportation, finding translators and interpreters where needed, booking accommodations, employing local tour guides, providing assistance for visas and much more.

We offer opportunities for our volunteers and travellers to meet, socialize, share their experiences, see more of their surroundings, and build strong, long-lasting connections.